Friday 4 August The move piled further pressure on the President, whose seven months in office have been dogged by accusations that his team worked with Russia to swing the vote. A trial would then take place in the Senate, where a two-thirds vote is needed to remove him from office. Ms Speier said the current makeup of the House of Representatives meant only 24 Republicans were needed to join with Democrats in order to pass an impeachment vote. He resigned from that post over questions about his extensive lobbying overseas, including in Ukraine where he represented pro-Russian interests. Mr Gates’ had previously worked on several presidential campaigns, on international political campaigns in Europe and Africa, and had 15 years of political or financial experience with multinational firms, according to his bio. Mr Gates was indicted alongside Mr Manafort by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team on charges that include conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading US Foreign Agents Registration Act statements, false statements, and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts. Mr Papadopoulos plead guilty to federal charges for lying to the FBI as a part of a cooperation agreement with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Mr Papadopoulos claimed in an interview with the FBI that he had made contacts with Russian sources before joining the Trump campaign, but he actually began working with them after joining the team.

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Honestly, while I was upset, I was more traumatized by Jesus visiting me. When I returned to New York a few days later, I was lost. I suddenly felt God everywhere and it was terrifying.

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The fantastic Hungarian architecture of Imre Makovecz. I was previously pretty convinced that lithium in drinking water was having a significant and positive effect on populations, but the most recent study is skeptical. What would they think of kidney donors? Study on economic vs. Another highly positive study on the connection between lead and crime, this one almost a true experiment.

The reduction of lead in the experimental group of this study was about the same as the society-wide reduction over the past twenty years. Vice presents a counter-narrative about the opioid crisis:

List of mayors of Detroit

The instant life changes. Thanks for dropping by. This is one of the best books that I have read. I was unable to put it down. Termed “buy for others,” the feature lets users buy multiple copies of an ebook, allowing authors [

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His father had considered converting to Islam and named his son Mohammed Kasim, to the consternation of his minister grandfather. Students took over the Howard administration building in , protesting having Republican National Committee Chairman Lee Atwater on the university’s board of trustees, saying that he had contributed to"growing anti-black sentiment in America” through his management of President George H. Atwater resigned from the board. Reed disagreed with their action, saying there was nothing wrong with having the Republican Party try to win the votes of black students.

He felt it would have been better if Atwater had met with the protesting students, as he might have learned more about their position. For instance,"[he] might have gained insight into a generation of students portrayed as destitute and in need of more federal support.

Face of Trump Dating Site Dropped After His Child Sex Conviction Resurfaces

Detroit’s current strong mayor system dates from the city’s charter. From to , mayors were elected to terms of one year; from to the term was increased to two years, and after mayoral terms were four years. Henry was elected to the position later in the year. Subsequent elections were held in May of each year, chairmen of the Board of Trustees were James May — , Solomon Sibley — and Joseph Wilkinson elected

Oklahoma Democrats are committed to putting the people of Oklahoma first by promoting the values and policies that advance the common good and expand opportunities for every resident of our state.

Saturday 8 July People used to say that the Trump presidency was beyond parody — which was true — but it’s now gone beyond the known parameters of parody. We’re barely six months in to Trump’s reign: Still, given everything, maybe we should be grateful, pragmatically, that the First Daughter was up there at the most bigly of diplomatic top tables. She is, by all accounts, more level headed and far less insecure than Daddy, and we all know of her principled interventions on Syria.

So Ivanka is “a good thing”. Maybe she’ll get him to ease up on the Mexican wall, protectionism and climate change. Still I would concede it is constitutionally problematic. Ivanka holds an official title as an unpaid adviser to the President, but she ranks way down the order of precedence when sitting in for the President.

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Governor William Hull and Judge Augustus Woodward dissolved the original incorporation, replacing it in with a government headed by an appointed mayor. In October of that year, Solomon Sibley was elected as the first chair. Whitney — and — Williams drew up a new city charter that provided for the first time for a directly elected mayor, with significantly increased executive powers.

The new charter mandated that all Detroit public offices be non-partisan , and that elections to those positions would be held on a non-partisan basis, with no party designations on the ballot.

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It was the beginning of a movement that would help pave the way for a new crop of female lawmakers to be elected into office. The midterm elections saw those women elected into office in historic margins. I have waited, hoping they would right the ship. At the center of it has been Farrakhan—a lightning rod who has been praised in the African American community for his social work but is also widely reviled for his persistent anti-Semitism and hate speech toward the LGBTQ community.

The recent round of public criticism began two weeks ago, when Farrakhan resurfaced in the news following the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in late October. Days later, in a post on NewsOne , Mallory attempted to explain her association with Farrakhan and her surprise at being asked to answer for some of his views. But they have stopped short of denouncing him. We denounce, and fight, evil and discriminatory ideas and policies.

Not articulating that clearly and quickly has really hurt people and we deeply regret that. But critics say leaders are still mismanaging the power they have and putting their own concerns above those of the broader march. Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action, expressed her concern with the association last week. Hanible added that the national march has been chronically unreceptive to requests from local chapters, like the one in D.

I saw that firsthand, the reach-out to national, only to be met with crickets.

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Pascrell said that if Nunes was blocking the amendment because he was discriminating against New Jerseyans, who would have benefitted from the amendment, “we’ll settle that outside. Bill Pascrell took exception with a procedural move from Republican Rep. Changes to Social Security are not allowed in bills being considered under budget reconciliation, as the TCJA is, so Nunes said the amendment was not relevant, or “germane,” to the discussion.

Search Tips. Each record in the database contains two items: Name or Subject Title: The main information contained in the file envelope. This is the field that in general will yield the best search results.

Jim Florio and an active Democratic political campaigner, died Wednesday, Dec. Dowling helped elect Democratic freeholders, members of Congress, state legislators, governors, and presidents, said her daughter, Mary Dowling, who lives in Moorestown. Mom just loved politics and elections. Dowling graduated from Battin High School in that city and later moved to California, where she worked on the presidential campaign of John F.

After starting a family in Los Angeles, Ms. Dowling returned to New Jersey, where she was active in numerous campaigns after working as a journalist for various print, radio, and television outlets, her daughter said. As a single mother who raised four children, Ms. Dowling also advocated for women assuming leadership roles in politics.

If a Democrat Can Marry a Republican…

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